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Last news and updates
Reflexion conditions & Point group operations. (February 2006)

We extended space groups details with a new pane showing all reflexion conditions (general extinctions) for the group.

For 3+1D groups, we changed the way of displaying Point group operation in generators or positions list. The 3D part is now shown on the first line. The second line gives the sign of u.
Structures and space groups search are now operational. (15.06.2005)

You can choose to browse space groups, search for a particular space goup or search for a specific structure.

Please also use the menu on the left.
About Java 3D. (15.06.2005)

You need Java 3D to view graphical representations for structures and Wyckoff's positions.
It's a plugin which extends the Java language. You have to install it (only once) in your computer.
You can download it from one of these links : For unexperienced Windows users:
Choose to downalod the first one : Java 3D for Windows (DirectX Version) Runtime for the JRE.

If the applet still doesn't show up, consider updating the Java platform on your computer : http://www.java.com/en/download
Then you'll have to reinstall Java3D from the links above.
3 +1D superspace groups added to the database. (20.05.2005)

We still need to check whether everything is correct. At least, when showing generators/positions in space groups details the rotations symbol/glide seems to be badly calculated.
Welcome to the new Crystal Symmetry Environment web site ! (15.03.2005)

This site is under developpment.

But you can still use the old web site : http://lcr1pc22.epfl.ch:8888/csecm
(Only available inside the EPFL)